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Fifth Story specialises in bringing brands to life across the media landscape. We offer full in-house strategy, creative, production, distribution and measurement services under one roof, and leverage our unique media distribution channels to guarantee earned media coverage. We’ve been creating and executing successful content marketing strategies for over 35 years and have built our reputation on producing memorable, timely content that appeals to media and consumers alike.

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Our Team

Angela Di Stasi, VP, Video & Broadcast Production

Five things you need to know about Angela
  1. She is a graduate of Concordia University, double majoring in Communication Studies – with a specialization in Video – and Human Relations.
  2. She started her career as a video editor.
  3. She created our in-house video production department in 2008.
  4. She loves soul music.
  5. She played professional women’s hockey in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL).

Dayna Elliott, Product Manager

Five things you need to know about Dayna
  1. If you have a problem she has an app for that.
  2. She loves a good life hack.
  3. She has a degree in Fine Art and paints to get clarity.
  4. She is a stickler for a good customer experience.
  5. She has a “thing” for the number 27…and always has.

Diane Williams, EVP, Content & Media Relations

Five things you need to know about Diane
  1. She launched the online video service in 2006, before most people had ever heard of YouTube.
  2. She is an early adopter, and believes in all things digital.
  3. She is an ultimate multitasker.
  4. She is considered an expert problem solver.
  5. She runs every day, rain, shine, or any other weather our great country decides to give us.

Inna Lukyanova, Chief Finance & Operations Officer

Five things you need to know about Inna
  1. She is a Certified General Accountant (CGA).
  2. She moved to Canada from the Ukraine.
  3. She is no nonsense, and gets the job done.
  4. She leverages technology to improve our processes and create efficiencies.
  5. She has a very dry sense of humour.

Jenny Cruxton, Manager, Business Development, MRP

Five things you need to know about Jenny
  1. We consider her the queen of measurement.
  2. She is a social media enthusiast.
  3. She gets excited over training and teaching.
  4. She is a proud hockey mom.
  5. She enjoys a glass of wine (or two).

Rebecca Shevel, Director, Marketing & Custom Solutions

Five things you need to know about Rebecca
  1. She’s a Ryerson RTA grad and worked as an Associate Producer on the Camilla Scott Show on CTV.
  2. She gets the hiccups when she laughs too hard.
  3. She is a self-professed “tech geek” and is intrigued with emerging technologies.
  4. She is a hockey mom and loves to cheer for her son & daughter at their games.
  5. She is artistic and has a passion and appreciation of modern art.

Ruth Douglas, CEO

Five things you need to know about Ruth
  1. She bought News Canada from Miles Nadal’s MDC Partners in 2002.
  2. She has been on Profit’s Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs for 9 years.
  3. She has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and walked the Camino Trail.
  4. She has brought over 60 volunteers to further her sisters’ work in Kenya, developing women leaders in Africa.
  5. She considers her son and daughter her greatest accomplishments.

Shelley Middlebrook, President

Five things you need to know about Shelley
  1. She has 20+ years of experience in media and publishing.
  2. She believes constant improvement and reinvention are necessary to succeed.
  3. She thinks of herself as a straight shooter – in other words, sometimes too direct.
  4. She loves interesting people who share their stories – OK, she loves freaks because they are memorable.
  5. She has a special connection with New Orleans.

Stephen Stanley, Creative Director

Five things you need to know about Stephen
  1. He is an expert collaborator.
  2. He loves storytelling through video.
  3. He was a founding member and guitarist in the Toronto band The Lowest of the Low.
  4. He never goes anywhere without his iPhone.
  5. He works tirelessly to find a joke that will make his two daughters laugh.

Tom Symes, VP Sales

Five things you need to know about Tom
  1. Tom was a managing partner at an internationally renowned commercial production house for over a decade.
  2. He knows everyone – OK, not everyone, but let’s just say he is very popular.
  3. His favourite lunch is a club sandwich with fries.
  4. He loves to laugh really loud at his own jokes (they are pretty funny).
  5. He has attended the Cannes Advertising Festival more times than he can count.

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