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Blanco Custom Video • Case Study




With 90 years experience, Blanco is world-renowned as a premium designer and manufacturer of high-end kitchen sinks, including QUATRUS and SILGRANIT sinks, as well as workstations and accessories.


To create brand awareness, product knowledge and consumer excitement around the kitchen sink.


Blanco partnered with Fifth Story to produce two videos aiming to shift general public perception of “just a sink” by showcasing a fully integrated workstation and demonstrating the durability, design and resilience of Blanco’s sinks.

The first video, entitled Rethink the Sink, focuses on the function of Blanco’s QUATRUS sinks. The second video, entitled Real Life. Real Tough. Real Beauty., shows the durability, design and resilience of Blanco’s SILGRANIT sinks.

The two videos are shot from above the sink to give an aerial perspective. They also feature a combination of close-up and medium shots as well as a combination of stop-motion and live-action to create a dynamic effect.


The videos were launched at the Interior Design Show (IDS) that took place in Toronto in January 2015. Both videos are promoted through Blanco’s owned media channels, including the organization’s website and social media pages.

The video content was edited to create additional videos such as 15 and 30-second commercials that Blanco will use for TV and web advertising.

As an added bonus, Fifth Story provided Blanco with 6-second Vine videos – edited from the full-length videos – and social media posts for use on Blanco’s social media pages.


“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Fifth Story’s team on the creation of our two videos. From the concept development to the finished product, the process was very impressive. Fifth Story’s team was ready to go on a journey of understanding our marketing plans and implementing them into our video creations. From the actual development to production and editing, and to the finished product, we dealt with a team of dedicated professionals. They were ready to listen to our feedback, provide expert advice and finalize the project on time. Both videos created a great marketing platform for BLANCO that we can use for many purposes – from simple exposure on our website and social media to trimmed video versions ready for TV and online advertising. I truly appreciate the overall experience and Fifth Story’s efforts, and hope to be able to work with them on similar projects in the future.”

Edyta Drutis, Marketing Manager, BLANCO CANADA INC.

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