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As you will have heard by now, over the next several months Alphabet will be rolling out their long-awaited YouTube TV. The service will provide access to over 40 premium cable networks for a monthly fee of $35. Don’t get too excited, my Canadian friends, this service will only be available in select US cities. I suppose time will tell whether this service will make its way north of the border. And by “time,” I really mean the CRTC.

Once I entered the video production and content marketing industry, I found myself analyzing every advertisement, commercial, video or piece of visual content that I came across. And when I found something that either made me want to cry, think twice about something, or laugh out loud (not just laugh in my head, but actually LOL), it was something to take note of and use as inspiration.

Whatever you think of his politics, President Donald Trump has been great for comedy. Saturday Night Live is having a revival of popularity as its hard-hitting satire and perfectly casted actors -- like Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious portrayal of White House spokesman Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin as Trump -- speaks to the country’s latest concerns about the various chaos and insanity emerging from Trump’s administration.

The pundits say that content marketing is not rocket science and that it is simply about telling a story and creating an emotional connection. Fair enough. But I would like to suggest that it really does have some commonality with rocket science. Let me explain.

This past Sunday, February 5th, 2017 marked the 51st Superbowl, with record North American TV viewership of 4.47 million. What a game…

If I asked you on March 5th who the 2 teams were who played in this years Superbowl, you might not recall….but chances are you can rhyme off a list of Superbowl ads. It’s historically been water-cooler talk the week after Superbowl. Which creative caught our attention, made us pee our pants laughing, made us cry, made us dance, or made us think. There is little denying that monster TV audiences (like the Superbowl) drive mass awareness…but at what

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