Fifth Story is a News Canada Company

Paid, Earned and Owned Content DISTRIBUTION

Amplify your message and improve your SEO by leveraging paid, earned and owned media.

The Power of Integrated Communication

90% of marketers use content marketing, with a focus on driving brand awareness. However, 66% of marketers feel their content marketing efforts are not effective. Why is that? With the amount of content available, even great content goes unnoticed everyday.

Content is only successful when discovered and consumed, and today’s most effective content promotion strategies leverage best practices from all related disciplines, such as marketing, advertising and public relations. Believing in an integrated approach to content distribution, we help brands amplify their message through paid, earned and owned channels.

EARNED content distribution

As a trusted source of content to over 5,000 editors and broadcasters, we distribute content to the media, and guarantee earned media coverage. In 2013, the stories we produced and distributed were picked up over 50,000 times by television, radio, print and online media.

PAID content distribution

We improve content discovery by leveraging the most effective paid media initiatives. By using a targeted approach to content promotion, we also increase content engagement, reaching the people most interested in your content and thus ensuring high conversion rates.

OWNED content distribution

Fresh, engaging content has never been more important than it is today. Google’s latest search algorithms reward organizations that frequently publish valuable, relevant content. Therefore, repurposing your earned and paid content on your owned channels, such as your websites, blogs and social media pages, improves your SEO.