Fifth Story is a News Canada Company


Demonstrate the success of your content marketing campaigns with appropriate and meaningful results.

Meaningful measurement helps improve business practices, set priorities and allocate resources. Believing in an integrated approach to content measurement, we measure the full picture of your content marketing campaign, and provide you with appropriate and meaningful results based on your specific business objectives, target audiences and key performance indicators.

As part of our earned media measurement solutions, we report on where and when the stories we produced and distributed were picked up using Media Relations Rating Points (MRP®), the industry standard for earned media measurement and evaluation.




Developed by the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS), and endorsed by the Canadian Chapters of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), as well as the Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms (CCPRF), this tool allows public relations professionals to measure, evaluate and report on their earned media coverage, enabling them to demonstrate the return on investment of their campaigns.

The CPRS selected Fifth Story to manage and grow MRP, as well as to provide audited audience reach data. This audited data is collected from Canada’s leading media research companies, including comScore.

For more information on how MRP can help you demonstrate the success of your content marketing campaigns, contact info@mrpdata.com.