One of the questions we’re asked most often is: how are we still able to offer guaranteed earned media impressions for our article and radio services when it’s becoming increasingly hard to generate any earned coverage at all in the current media landscape?

The answer lies in our longstanding partnership with the Canadian media. After relying on our News Canada brand for copyright-free content for over 40 years, they trust us to provide quality material that adheres to the Canadian Press style guide. That’s why they consistently turn to our website for lifestyle articles and radio news releases throughout the month.

In fact, recent data reveals that editors and producers are coming to us more and more for up-to-the-minute content to fill their immediate needs as well as their future needs. Articles are trending strongly in recent months, with no signs of slowing down over the typical summer lull in newsrooms.

In terms of what’s performing the best in written content, home content is taking the lead as usual, and we’re seeing a resurgence of interest in recipes—particularly plant-based or health-conscious ones. Here’s a snapshot of the single articles that have excelled in June, July and August so far:

  1. Planning tips for your summer reno:
    179 clips, 21 million impressions
  2. 5 DIY backyard tips to create the perfect summer oasis:
    132 clips, 18 million impressions
  3. Not using air conditioning this summer? Here’s how to survive the heat:
    132 clips, 17 million impressions
  4. A smaller home can cut your costs and worries:
    124 clips, 16 million impressions
  5. Superpower your morning with a delicious chocolate peanut butter smoothie:
    107 clips, 4 million impressions
  6. 5 tips for cooking the perfect, juicy hamburger:
    104 clips, 2.9 million impressions
  7. A vegan-friendly shake for all dessert lovers:
    98 clips, 3.5 million impressions
  8. Swap meat for mushrooms for a healthier meal:
    97 clips, 3.2 million impressions

* Data as of Friday, August 2, 2019

Wondering how you can achieve outstanding earned impressions like these? For more information and statistics on our services, check out our 2018 report. For best results, one of our brand journalists can write your articles so they tap into exactly what the media are looking for. If you’d prefer to write your own content, our editorial team can share some ideas and insights to maximize your results.

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