Start at the beginning

After receiving a strong client brief, rely on your strategic team to understand and provide insight about the target audience, (including age, demographics, geo-target how the audience is influenced and their view of your brand), campaign goal(s), how success will be measured and budget size. Then the creative process can begin in earnest…

Once you fully understand the creative ask, then you can assemble a team with the correct skillsets, viewpoints and talent to meet the project needs. Here’s where we often end up starting at Fifth Story:

Producers, directors, writers, editors & digital experts

With as much advance information in-hand as possible, get everyone in the same room and work through it together. You need people there who are responsible for budget, logistics, writing, directing, ideas, social media and digital amplification. Mine your team for additional people with knowledge of the particular topic that you are approaching.

Turn that idea on its head

Encourage people to look at the task from as many points of view as possible while bringing their own expertise to the table. Then create a space where everyone feels they are being heard, where no idea is a bad one – an engaged team will create great work.

Don’t forget the researchers

Once an idea is formulated from the client brief, some additional research may need to be done – i.e. cost, location, has it been done before, copyrights, etc.

And finally, don’t get discouraged

The client knows their brand better than anyone. Their feedback about your ideas will help further shape them. Let the work evolve, but also stand by your conviction – a constructive discussion does not have to play out like a disagreement. Without the ego, some amazing things can happen!

Stephen Stanley, creative director at Fifth Story, has more than twenty-five years of experience assembling and leading creative teams. He knows first-hand what type of team it takes to develop a strategic creative idea.