Content Marketing Solutions

Content Marketing Strategy

Our process starts with a holistic and inclusive approach tailored to each client. We create strategies that are based on the client’s current situation, access to resources and desired outcomes. We develop a potential roadmap for achieving goals, priorities, benchmarks and timelines.

The first phase is discovery and research, which includes a client briefing plus an audit and analysis of the marketplace and media landscape. We then identify audience segments and personas and map the consumer journey to understand how we can most effectively engage with the target audience.

Image of coworkers strategizing

Through research and data, we identify consumer and category insights that help to illustrate how the brand/company can set itself apart from the competition and build a stronger connection with their audience segments. Based on these insights we understand where the key audience segments spend their time and are most likely to be open to or seek out communications.

We then use this information to identify the most effective media channels and methods of communication (including partnerships) to develop targeted messaging for each specific platform that connects with the right audiences and stands out in increasingly crowded spaces. We consider all touch points – including paid, earned, shared and owned channels – prioritizing options based on budget, resources and results. Lastly, we work with our client to develop agreed-upon timelines, key performance indicators, benchmarks and goals that deliver within budget.

content creation

We have an in-house content studio powered by our creative director, graphic designers, video editors, video and radio producers/directors/scriptwriters, brand journalists, photographers, videographers and copy editors. This enables us to keep a high level of creative control and quality, as well as control costs for savings we pass on to our clients. We develop creative for you with specific media channels, platforms and audiences in mind. Whether it’s video for sound-down environments on social and OOH (Out Of Home), vertical video to enhance the mobile experience, or blogs written with your search results in mind, our team creates content with the goal of effectively connecting with your target audience at key points along their buying journey.

branded video

From live action to motion graphic videos, our award-winning producers and directors expertly navigate each project to fruition. This includes concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, multilingual voiceover, location scouting, shooting and directing. Post-production specialists will edit and colour-grade footage. Our team works on stop-motion, animation, and animated infographics, and can adapt content to the client’s individual needs when required, such as closed captioning or descriptive video.

Brand journalism

Our journalists develop brand narratives that work for paid, earned, owned and shared platforms. Our writers and editors deliver custom content to meet a range of client needs, producing copy specially designed for media, blogs, websites, social posts, brochures and press materials.

branded audio

Fifth Story’s audio production team develops client’s key messages into a script complete with voice talent and music. From radio spots to informative audio news releases and podcasts, our team can create engaging audio messaging for your brand.

graphics & design

Our graphics and design team works with the customer experience and brand attributes in mind when creating highly visual and appealing websites, brochures, advertisements, logos, sales and marketing materials, packaging and promotions.

influencer marketing programs

Work with Fifth Story to find authentic influencers to create content that properly represents your brand and connects with their followers. Choose from lifestyle, home improvement and décor, cooking and entertaining, and business influencers.

Banglar Rannaghor

Fifth Story exclusively represents Banglar Rannaghor, a popular online cooking and foodie destination for those craving South Asian dishes or hungry for a taste of back home.

Partner with this growing digital sensation to tap into the South Asian community, a vital part of Canada’s multicultural makeup.

Videos feature hands-only cooking with upbeat music playing while your senses are transported to a virtual savoury delight. All ingredients used in the recipes are listed on-screen and can also be found in the copy within the Facebook post.

A laptop screen shpwing the Banglar Rannaghor Facebook Page

Branded content distribution

Fifth Story uses integrated distribution channels to amplify brand messaging across Canada. We utilize the PESO (paid, earned, shared and owned) model made popular by Gini Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks, to secure coverage. Our expert production and distribution methods provide guaranteed impressions through paid and earned media while optimizing content for engagement and leveraging client-owned marketing channels.

Venn diagram illustrating the PESO model, a media strategy that blends paid, earned, shared and owned media.

earned media

Fifth Story has a long-term trusted relationship with Canada’s traditional and new media, including newspapers, magazines, radio stations, websites and blogs. English and French media outlets look to us for copyright-free lifestyle content. For our traditional consumer earned media services we guarantee results and handle the media monitoring and reporting in MRP. These services cover articles, radio and video both nationally and regionally.

For more targeted PR efforts, our editorial and media relations team will develop custom programs that are often complimented by paid tactics.

paid media

Fifth Story’s team of content strategists can help further amplify your content to targeted audiences in social, digital, TV, print and OOH (Out Of Home) to maximize your content marketing goals. Our team will execute multi-platform campaigns for video views, lead generation, engagement, website clicks-thrus and more. By using a targeted approach to content promotion, we extend reach and increase content engagement to drive conversion rates.

Owned & Shared media

Each company and brand should operate as their own media company, working to build audiences that they continuously connect with across their website, e-newsletters, and social channels. We can help you develop campaigns that drive traffic, increase open rates, grow followers and improve search results. From social media community management to SEM and email marketing campaigns, we will help you grow your media infrastructure.

fifth story media distribution channels

For Your Life

If you don’t have access to social channels or are looking for a third-party endorsement, we can drive awareness and engagement with our For Your Life integrated social and digital channels, including posting and sponsored campaigns. For Your Life provides lifestyle content to Canadians.

Work team scrolling through the For Your LIfe YouTub e channel


Meaningful measurement helps improve business practices, set priorities and allocate resources. Believing in an integrated approach to content measurement, Fifth Story will measure the full picture of your campaign, providing you with appropriate and meaningful results based on your specific objectives, target audiences and key performance indicators.

Fifth Story works with clients to set brand benchmarks and KPIs that can be assessed over the duration and conclusion of each campaign. We provide reporting across our distribution channels, SEO, social media, pre-roll campaigns and more.

Media Ratings Points – MRP

Fifth Story uses MRP, Media Ratings Points, to report on traditional earned media campaigns. Created under our own roof, MRP is the industry standard for earned media measurement and evaluation. Under the guidance of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) and powered by Fifth Story, the dynamic platform provides a standardized way to measure earned, paid, shared and owned media. It’s used by thousands of public relations professionals across Canada — in fact, 90% of PR firms in the country are subscribed to the service.

Colleagues reviewing MRP report
Find out how a subscription to MRP will help your media reporting