The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a serious impact on live-action video shoots, as companies are now forced to switch gears with their video marketing strategy in order to meet their overall business goals.

With 92% of marketers saying that video is an important part of their marketing strategy, that means it’s vital to explore different ways for your company to remain relevant with visual content.

Your company may have been focused on live-action video, but that now requires some reconsideration. Here are some alternatives that can allow your business to continue to produce consistent content:


Companies can pivot and look at motion graphics videos as a viable alternative in their content creation efforts.

Motion graphics videos bring to life static designs and explain difficult, complex facts in a straightforward and animated way. This type of video allows you to quickly adapt and communicate both current and new messaging to your audience, making it very effective.

Overall, motion design gives you a chance to create a more interactive, customer-oriented, and intuitive user interface and is a great way to gain the trust of prospects and consumers in a fun, creative and accurate way.

 *Fifth Story 2020 Motion Graphics Reel


Similar to motion graphics videos, whiteboard videos can be a great style of communication for hard-to-grasp concepts that require strong visuals.

When you create a whiteboard explainer video, it allows you to connect with your target audience in an educational and captivating way that improves the level with your brand.

Producing whiteboard videos is another alternative that can be executed remotely, which is valuable during the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.

Leveraging communication tools such as virtual conferencing and document sharing can also be an effective way for group collaboration on the project.

*Whiteboard video Fifth Story produced for Enbridge


Hosting an online webinar or interactive workshop can prove to be extremely beneficial for your prospects and customers in this current climate.

Just because your company has been affected by the crisis, that doesn’t mean you can’t get people together and deliver exceptional value in the form of a workshop.

Reformatting the information from your planned live-action video into a virtual presentation is a great way to create quick content, while also staying engaged with your audience.


If hosting an online workshop is not possible, then consider getting in touch with your customers and prospects via a social media livestream.

With live video, you can connect with your audience via desktop or mobile in a direct and genuine way, while also providing value and staying top-of-mind.

 Plus, live video can garner better results in your marketing compared to other communication types: Facebook and Instagram Live videos receive  3x higher engagement than pre-recorded videos.

 On your livestreams, some topics of discussion can include: how your company is handling the COVID-19 pandemic, tips and tactics related to your industry, or even a Q&A session. But most importantly, keep your audience up-to-date with the latest your business has to offer.

While the world we live in today is scary and uncertain, continuing to market to consumers shouldn’t be. Creating video in these times isn’t impossible, but rather something you have to get more creative with.

We here at Fifth Story can help produce high-quality video in a multitude of ways, as more companies begin to embrace the remote culture.

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