The current global pandemic has thrown all of us for a loop, and that includes our content marketing plans. With so much uncertainty about the present, it can be tempting to put any future communications on hold. But as we’re spending more time at home, we’re also spending more time consuming media – creating an immediate and lasting need for fresh content.

Statistics Canada has been quick to produce usable data on how Canadians are coping with COVID-19. Their research shows 68% of us are spending more time on the internet, while 63% of us are spending more time watching TV.

Capitalize on these eyeballs and enhanced media consumption by planning your content for the rest of spring and summer. With publications facing more staff shortages than usual and focusing their energies on reporting on the pandemic in their local community, editors are looking for ready-to-use lifestyle content that’s relevant and timely while offering a break from hard news coverage.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said physical distancing may continue for months, so the key to excellent results is weaving your brand messaging into engaging content that helps consumers make the most of our new normal. Popular topics right now include:

Home improvement and DIY

As everyone hunkers down and stays home, many are looking for ways to improve their property and enjoy their space. Home improvement stores are still offering delivery and curbside pickup, so there is an opportunity to tackle projects you’ve been putting off. Potential angles: renovation tips, extending living space, outdoor patio/backyard/balcony ideas, if your home sale is on hold you can do some renovations to boost your property value.


People are taking a renewed interest in traditional hobbies, and gardening is a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors while practicing physical distancing. Potential angles: urban gardens, condo/balcony gardening, growing your own vegetables, creating a healthy lawn.

Working from home

Productivity can be hard to come by without your usual workspace and routine. But many are working from home and need to adapt. Potential angles: creating a routine, setting up your workspace, work-life balance, redecorating a closet into home office.

Entertaining the kids

School is remote for now, and vacation is coming up in the summer months. It’s important for their development and parents’ sanity to keep the kids engaged. Potential angles: kids’ activities, ways to enjoy outdoors while distancing, summer camp at home.


Most of us are spending more time cooking than ever before, and all types of recipes are great. Potential angles: extravagant and Instagrammable meals, quick lunches for working from home, fun recipes that are good for cooking with the kids.


As we work on our News Canada June, July and August summer issues, we’d be happy to make custom recommendations for how you can support business continuity by engaging the public with appropriate earned content during this highly visible time. Reach out to your account director or contact us directly at