It’s a unique time in the world, while marketers are collectively grappling with what this global pandemic means for business moving forward.

While things are slowly starting to open up, let’s take a look at eight important lessons and strategies we’ve learned from the crisis in relation to your marketing and communication needs.


1. Lessons on media outreach during the pandemic

Despite many companies pulling back their budgets, Fifth Story is seeing great success with earned radio, both with pandemic-specific messaging and with more general themes. Here are some best practices for messages about the pandemic.

2. Using radio to reach your audience

Many brands are concerned about how to continue their outreach during such a sensitive time. Find out why Canadians are still using radio as a preferred medium and why it should be taken into consideration to reach your target audience.


3. How brands have embraced virtual communications

Several brands are stepping to the forefront of the pandemic, finding fresh ideas and innovative digital solutions to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. Have a look at four impactful ways brands are shifting how they communicate with customers through content.

4. How to adapt your content marketing strategy

You might be wondering whether it is insensitive to be distributing content or promoting your products and services at all. However, your business shouldn’t become paralyzed due to this situation. In this challenging time, here are a few tips and tactics to consider when approaching your content.

5. Four alternatives to live-action video

The pandemic continues to have a serious impact on live-action video shoots, as companies are now forced to switch gears with their video marketing strategy in order to meet their overall business goals. Here are some alternatives that can allow your business to continue to produce consistent content.

6. Why adding a webinar to your communications plan is essential

As social media, emails and other forms of digital communication grow in importance, a webinar is an increasingly valuable pandemic marketing tactic that can make a lasting impact today and in the long term.


7. The importance of using campaign measurement tools during a crisis

During this pandemic, brands that cut ongoing measurement and analysis risk losing key opportunities for gaining a deeper understanding of their audience. Instead, brands can focus on doubling down on their communications plans and finding creative ways to getting their message out. Here are some tips and tactics on how to effectively measure your media campaigns during a crisis.


8. Three reasons why online advertising remains critical for your business

The crisis has had an interesting effect on digital strategy and performance, particularly when it comes to paid advertising. There is a hidden opportunity for brands that do have some budget to spend to use digital ads to maintain brand awareness with consumers.

It’s not “business as usual” out there just yet. Therefore, it’s crucial that your company is equipped with the right insights and strategies to make informed decisions that build trust and loyalty with your customers, clients and prospects.

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