In our last update, “COVID-19: Media outreach during the pandemic” we shared that we are continuing to see media use of article, radio and video content despite the current crisis.

As we’re not pitching stories to journalists but rather providing editors with ready-to-use content for their lifestyle sections, our recommendation is to continue to produce content as long as it doesn’t contradict government directives.

Should you be communicating?

In a recent Ipsos report, “Coronavirus & behaviour change: What does it mean for brands?” the writers identify that “it can be tempting for brands to go into cost containment mode in times of distress, quietly weathering the storm. But we have a unique window where brands can earn trust by maintaining presence and delivering relevant value in a fluid period of heightened anxiety.”

Here are some considerations for using radio to reach your target audience.

Who does radio reach?

According to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s (CRTC), Canadians are still using radio as a preferred medium.

“In 2018, the vast majority of Canadians were still tuning in to traditional radio. When asked about their use of radio and audio services, 88% of Canadians aged 18+ reported having listened to the radio in any given month. While streaming music videos on YouTube remains popular and listening to personalized online music services continued to rise in popularity in 2018, reaching 55% and 38%, respectively, of Canadians aged 18+, both types of online services have yet to reach as many Canadians as traditional radio.”

While how people consume radio during the pandemic might shift from listening in their cars to listening at home, if you have a timely message for Canadians during the pandemic, radio remains a great national bilingual option to reach them.

How does radio outreach work with Fifth Story?

Fifth Story’s audio production team develops yours or your client’s key messages into a script, complete with voice talent and the option of including a spokesperson’s quote. Services include distribution to Fifth Story’s network of 600+ radio broadcasters, monitoring  and results reporting with samples of on-airs.

To learn more about how radio outreach might work for your organization or client, contact your account representative or Victoria Procunier, VP Sales & Marketing, Earned Services,

Measurement and Analysis

Contact Jenny Cruxton if you need information on setting up an account to use Media Ratings Points (MRP), a measurement and analysis tool, to track and evaluate earned, paid, shared and owned coverage.