Every year, we look at the results of our earned media services and compare them to the previous year’s results. We also take stock of the changes and trends in the traditional media landscape. This year, we’ve found that there is no doubt that the industry continues to evolve and that some of the traditional sources of news and information are struggling. However, many local and regional newspapers and radio stations have stayed very relevant in their local communities.


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Fifth Story has been producing and distributing article and radio releases as copyright-free content for media outlets for over 35 years. We also guarantee results and provide media monitoring and MRP reporting on these services. The services have always been a cost-effective way to reach English and French Canadians across the country with mass media messaging, especially in tier 2 and 3 markets.


ANR example for Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

In 2018, we had 2,535 media outlets use News Canada content. We distributed 1,622 articles and 288 radio segments in English and French and they generated over 294 million impressions combined. Of the 90 dailies in Canada, 69% used News Canada content, and of the approximately 900 community papers, 54% of them used our content. In addition, we had 358 radio stations, 898 websites, 588 blogs and 136 magazines that also published our content.

ANR example for Wounded Warriors Canada

Although the number of traditional media outlets has been declining, we have seen consistent usage numbers for daily and community newspapers and radio stations. The average results for our article service is 3.8 million potential impressions and 53 clips, while for radio the average is 1.85 million potential impressions and 50 clips. Our experienced in-house editorial team (writers, editors and media relations) delivered even stronger results when they wrote the content, with an average of 156 clips compared to 53 and over 11 million impressions compared to 3.8 million.

Fifth Story’s News Canada earned media services offer you a cost-effective and turnkey solution to help get your message out to media outlets across the country with guaranteed results.