Many marketers use email marketing as a tactic to connect with their clients and/or customers. With the volume of email many of us receive, how do you make your message stand out? What drives a person to open your letter or click-thru to your website?

How mail and email can build a marketing relationship with your customers

At Fifth Story, email marketing is one of several marketing tactics our clients use as part of their overall content marketing strategy.

Here are some of the reasons why email marketing can be effective:

  1. It is addressable, it can be personalized, and can sometimes even be segmented, depending on the way you keep and segment customer data.
  2. It can be eye catching. If the content allows, write a bold subject line and let curiosity drive your open rate. Here are some examples of top engaging headlines that might spawn some ideas.
  3. It can be consumed when your customers have time. Your letter is not interrupting anyone’s lunch, meeting or extra-curricular activity. They can read your message at their leisure.
  4. You can showcase your business personality. Through design, imagery and choice of words you can share more details with your customers. Depending on the relationship marketing software you use, you may be able to include videos, GIFs, etc. in your email to help drive engagement. Remember to think about the mobile experience too – since many of your subscribers will read your message on their phone rather than their laptop or desktop.
  5. Email marketing can deepen your relationship with your customers. Consistency is key for this to happen. If your audience knows that you will be sending them bite-sized, relevant and regular content that adds value to their business, day or knowledge base, they will likely appreciate and look forward to receiving your messages.
  6. It is measurable. You can determine how effective your email marketing is based on metrics like open rate, click-thru rate, percentage of people who went to your website, etc. Determine which measurements matter most so you can ensure you are tracking the results once your email marketing has been deployed.
  7. Last but not least, remember to be CASL compliant. Successful email marketing can be clouded by negative experiences or myths. If you follow the rules, you are more likely to have a positive outcome.

Do you have any email marketing tips to share? What has worked for you or your business? Please share your thoughts with us via Fifth Story’s LinkedIn page.