Victoria Procunier

Ruth Douglas, CEO of Fifth Story, is pleased to announce that Victoria Procunier has re-joined our organization as Vice President, Sales & Marketing focusing on the company’s earned media services and Media Ratings Points (MRP) system.

We have created this new position to strengthen our earned services offerings for clients as an effective and credible way to reach millions of Canadians today.

Our earned services include creative production, distribution, and monitoring for articles, radio and video that is distributed under our News Canada banner and regularly picked up by over 2000 English and French media organizations across the country. The measurement services are delivered through Media Ratings Points (MRP).

Victoria initially joined Fifth Story in 2007, taking on increased responsibility and positions of leadership through the organization’s evolution into digital advertising and content.

Working collaboratively with clients across all industries (federal government, major brands, non-profits, associations), Victoria has planned and implemented highly successful multimedia regional, national and international marketing programs.

In 2015, Victoria moved to Ireland where she was a sales professional in the financial services sector working with pharmaceutical, manufacturing and software companies.

We look forward to bringing Victoria’s talents and expertise to new partnerships and campaigns with our clients.

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