As the pandemic continues to have a hold on the world, businesses are looking for unique ways to evolve their marketing strategies in order to survive this disruption.

Especially during this time when executives might be tempted to slash budgets and programs, it’s imperative to stand up for why consumer communications is more important now than ever.

Despite the temporary disarray, several brands are stepping to the forefront to find fresh perspectives and come up with innovative digital solutions to overcome obstacles and reach goals.

Here are four impactful ways brands are shifting how they communicate with customers through content.

Rethinking customer service

The entire concept of customer service is changing dramatically in the coronavirus world. Every sector is being impacted in a different way and is facing its own unique challenges.

As for essential businesses, many have had to rethink how to deliver their services.

For example, Superior Propane, the leading supplier of propane products and services in Canada, needed a way to show their customers how to conduct self-inspections on their individual propane tanks, as having Superior’s inspectors visit customers’ homes isn’t a safe option during social distancing protocol.

The propane distribution giant partnered with Fifth Story to create a customer-focused digital solution for their clients in their time of need.

The solution was creating a custom, live-action, how-to video showing clients how to inspect their own tanks, spot issues, and contact customer support when it came to their propane tank problems.

The video provided key messaging that helped stabilize the situation, so that customers could rest easy knowing they had support until the propane provider reopened their public-facing operations.

Prioritizing well-being

Mental health has been a huge concern during this crisis as feelings of stress, sadness, and anxiousness from self-isolation has taken a toll on thousands of people’s lives.

MindBeacon, a Toronto-based startup, launched a special COVID-19 digital program called Stronger Minds, where the extensive MindBeacon team of clinical psychologists offer free online support to Canadians who need assistance with their emotional well-being.

Through the BEACON digital platform, Stronger Minds participants gain access to short expert Q&A videos, quick reads and resilience-building activities to assist with their mental care. This program is supported by Manulife and Green Shield Canada and partnered with the Government of Ontario.

Providing help to members in financial distress

The current crisis has brought a new economic and financial reality for the world, and according to TransUnion, 59% of Canadian consumers are currently financially affected by COVID-19.

The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) decided to step up to the plate for HVAC professional members by securing financial support from the federal government to deliver all of its core technical, in-person training in a virtual, online setting.

Additionally, the non-profit created a COVID-19 online resource centre on their website featuring industry-relevant webinars, handy guides and up-to-date news and information for their members related to the crisis.

Delight customers through humour

As digital consumption continues to rise, the social video app Tik Tok, recently crossed two billion downloads globally amid the pandemic.

While the app has grown its influence across different age and regional demographics, Joe’s No Frills used the opportunity to connect with its customers in a creative way.

The Whitby, Ontario supermarket created a wholesome and upbeat video, highlighting their dedicated essential workers.

In less than a week, the video has accumulated over 800,000 views on the app, while the grocery store’s frontline workers are having some fun and getting to help their local community operate as normally as possible.

As consumers’ needs increasingly turn digital, companies can provide flexible virtual solutions through their content to give customers hope and a reason to believe that they’ll get through this crisis.

The examples above demonstrate that a little creativity and flexibility will go a long way toward making digital transformation happen.


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