Now that we’ve been living through a pandemic for over three months, here are some things we’ve learned about media outreach during this time.

We’ve been seeing great success with radio, both with pandemic-specific messaging and with more general themes.

According to industry data suppliers Numeris and Radio Connects:

  • Radio has been able to retain 88% of its weekly reach during the pandemic in spite of the massive disruption of Canadians’ work and commuting routines
  • Canadians are rediscovering radio at home with adults 18+ in-home tuning in up 19%
  • Listening is occurring across multiple platforms with a 24% increase in streaming on smart speakers since pandemic measures were instituted
  • Radio is more likely to be reaching those who are “out and about” like essential service workers and caregivers.

These highlights and more can be found in the Broadcast Dialogue’s recent article.

We’ve released successful audio new releases (ANRs) on pandemic-specific topics including financial relief, supply chains and company activities to help others during this time.

Here are some best practices for messages about the pandemic:

1. Stay audience focused

  • It’s not enough that the pandemic makes your message timely; it remains crucial to keep the story focused on the customer.
  • Remember to focus on what your findings, service or product mean for the listener.
  • Audiences will remember your brand far better by hearing a segment that resonates with them then when they tune out a segment focused on the brand/company/product.

2. Bust some myths

  • Clear the air on confusion and assumptions that are easy to make during the pandemic, whether it’s about food shortages or about how to access financial relief.

 3. Re-purpose

  • You probably already have messaging about the pandemic in the form of a press release, blog post or maybe even an ad. We can repurpose this content in a more listener-friendly approach for radio.

Maybe you don’t have anything specific to say about the pandemic. Is it still a good time to run? Yes! Here are a few tips on how to make your non-pandemic messaging resonate right now.

Talk about the new reality we are living in

  • Keep your message timely and tactful, letting listeners know you aren’t ignoring the situation at hand.

Talk about it lightly

  • A gentle nod to life during a pandemic is all you need and this avoids making the piece sound forced. For example, if the brand is a lifestyle product, try connecting it to the fact that many of us are spending more time at home. Then you can move on to the key message about the product in question.

Stay broad to stay timely

  • We’re in this for the long haul, but the situation changes quickly and often.
  • Remember that some things like case counts and which businesses are opening will continue to shift, and they’ll be different across the country and within provinces as well.
  • So, touch on things that we know will be in place for a while, such as physical distancing, some working from home and the use of masks.

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