With a pair of hands using traditional ingredients and time-honoured preparation methods to make delicious South Asian dishes, and with “Think with Google” forecasting multicultural flavours as one of the top three food trends in Canada, the demand for South Asian cuisine content — including Banglar Rannaghor’s simple, instructive videos — will only increase.

Founders and Torontonians Fardeen Sharief, Mariah Zahir, and Maleka Noor took their love of South Asian food and turned it into a global social media sensation on Facebook. The year-old passion project just reached a major milestone hitting one million Facebook followers. Their YouTube presence continues to grow, too. All their growth has been 100 percent organic.

The Comforts of Home Through South Asian Cuisine

“The appetite for replicating dishes your mom or grandma made is strong. Eating and sharing authentic, familiar food creates a sense of comfort and nostalgia that feeds your soul,” says Sharief. “For foodies, Banglar Rannaghor recipes offer core South Asian cuisine that can be easily replicated at home with the right ingredients.”

Banglar Rannaghor brings all the comforts of South Asian Cuisine to Facebook

Banglar Rannaghor’s Facebook page features hands-only conventional South Asian cooking videos. Viewers are transported to a culinary world filled with delectable delights made by Noor and Zahir. All ingredients used are shown on screen during the cooking and listed below the post.

Banglar Rannaghor founders have their sights set on taking their social media to the next level.

Organic Social Media Growth

Their Canadian audience is strong and growing with 11,815 followers and reach of 544,113; tapping into the likes and shares of some of the estimated 1.8 million South Asians and 8.2 million multicultural people in Canada.

South Asian Cuisine is very popular on Facebook

Banglar Rannaghor is open to creating branded content for clients who understand and appreciate South Asian culture, with Sharief expressing particular interest in connecting relevant sponsors with the powerful women 18 to 44 demographic.

To do this, Banglar Rannaghor has partnered with content marketing experts Fifth Story to help unite with brands that value their content and captive audience.

“Clever brands want to engage and integrate in an authentic, relevant manner. Banglar Rannaghor is an ideal partner because of their high-quality, in-demand content,” says Rebecca Shevel, director of marketing and custom solutions at Fifth Story.

To connect your brand with the growing South Asian population in Canada, please contact Fifth Story at 416-599-9900.