Short on time? Need third-party analysis? Submitting for an Award of Excellence? The team at MRP can expertly help.

MRP, Media Rating Points, is the Canadian standard in media measurement. It is governed by the measurement committee of the CPRS and managed by Fifth Story.

Content analysis is a necessary part of media relations that can be time consuming. MRP offers custom analysis on an ongoing basis, for one off reports and for awards submissions.

Benefits of ongoing custom reports by MRP:

  • Reports updated daily
  • Access reports anytime
  • Professional analysis, consultation and review
  • Saves your team time
  • On-the-fly editing
  • Reports delivered weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Experts in the national measurement standards
  • Comparison reports, year over year, month over month or quarter over quarter
  • Year-end final analysis reports

With the CPRS Awards of Excellence submissions open from January 8 to March 6, and the IABC Ovations Awards submissions open now until February 28, the MRP team can ensure you get a key part of the submission completed. As listed by the CPRS, the top six tips to make your submission stand out:

  • Third-party analysis
  • Impartial/unbiased reporting on criteria and tone
  • Delivered on time
  • Experts in the national measurement standards
  • Saves time for your already busy team
  • Professional analysis, consultation and review

The MRP team will consult with you on what criteria is needed for your custom report, what your KPIs are, and will build your reports. We will edit and add as needed, in accordance to the national measurement standards that MRP adheres to.

Contact for more information on how the MRP team can save you time.