Storytelling is your brand’s most powerful tool. Are you using it?

Gone are the days when consumers only had a handful of options to get information on products. Today’s consumers have more choice than ever before and are making more informed buying decisions. Additionally, our behaviours and experiences during the pandemic have shifted our expectations of brands.

Prospective customers are seeking connection with the brands they choose to spend their money on.

They want to know who you are, what you stand for, how you treat your employees, and how you are helping the communities in which you serve. Your potential customers want to connect with you on an emotional level and understand your brand’s values.

Here are four ways that your company can connect with its audience through the power of storytelling:

1. Share your company’s values

These days, it’s not enough just to have a great product or service. Buyers are not only interested in what you provide. They are interested in what your company believes and stands for.

Customers will gladly align themselves with brands whose beliefs are like their own, even if they are not 100% in love with your product or service. Your value system carries great weight in the success of your brand.

Choosing not to share your company’s beliefs will leave your brand in a vacuum. You do not have to get behind every movement or donate to every cause, but your company’s public image must be more than your product or service.

It’s important to remember that not every member of your audience will agree with your beliefs. And that is okay. Many customers will still respect you for sharing your views, even if those views do not align with theirs. The ones who do agree with your company’s values and mission will appreciate you so much more for being authentic.

2. Share what happens behind the scenes

Consumers crave next-level access to you. They want to know what happens behind the scenes at your organization. Are you hosting a brainstorming session? Are you filming a commercial? Are you designing a new product or service?

Keep your audience engaged and connected to your brand by showing them what goes on in the background to make them feel more connected to you.

3. Share your company’s community initiatives

Raising awareness about the work your organization does in the community is a great way to enhance its brand reputation.

Did your company help feed people experiencing homelessness for Thanksgiving? Post some photos on social media with a heartfelt caption to celebrate the occasion. Beyond the inherent value in helping others, the bigger picture is that by sharing your activities you are positioning your brand as one that cares about important societal issues and as a brand that believes in giving back.

4. Celebrate your employees publicly

Did a new employee recently join your team? Did a staff member do an exemplary job? Share this news and their stories on your platforms. Showcasing your company’s team to your audience helps you connect with them even more, as they too will begin to see themselves as members of your team.

Using these four storytelling tips will help your brand stand out, build trust and turn your customers into loyal fans. If you need help developing and sharing your stories for your content marketing strategy, Fifth Story is here for you. Get in touch with us at