We all know digital and social are here to stay – and while they both allow you to reach specific targets and platforms, you may not be reaching everyone that way. It’s also important to build awareness and expand upon those specific targets. That’s why combining a paid and earned content strategy is our preferred solution that gets results across markets.

Traditional, earned media campaigns like our media-friendly articles and radio segments will help you reach outlets and audiences that are much harder to access and do it with one cost-effective swoop.

Digital gives us depth – allowing us to reach hyper-targeted audiences and push detailed of-the-minute messaging – but our traditional services add breadth – guaranteeing entrance to a market where it’s trickier to make inroads.

While you might be able to pitch the top tier media like the National Post, Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail, no one has time to pitch to the thousands of websites, blogs, magazines, community and daily newspapers across the country in tier 2 and 3 markets in English and French. Our earned services get you there with one solid punch – and keep you there for months as impressions roll in. We have over thirty-five years of experience working with these outlets across the country, and we stake our reputation on knowing what editors and radio stations want and need.

Newspaper articles and radio news segments still have a high credibility factor that paid campaigns can’t match. By including earned in your campaign you reinforce your messaging in a different and trustworthy space. You’ll be gaining expanded audiences across the country who may not have high-speed internet and bandwidth but are deeply connected with the media in their communities. Earned campaigns can give you that added kick.

Combined with a closely targeted digital approach, traditional earned services ensure you make deep, sustainable connections with your target audience and develop your ongoing relationship. Why go for just one approach when both is better? Now, how are we able to do this? Check out our posts about creating and measuring a successful content marketing campaign and achieving guaranteed earned media for more on our services and how we succeed.