Canada Beef


The Challenge

To communicate the New Health Canada guidelines that recommend parents offer their babies ages six month and older iron-rich foods, including beef, pork, fish, poultry, tofu, beans and eggs two or more times per day, because it makes good nutritional sense. The #ThinkBeef campaign also encourages parents to feed their babies beef in an age-appropriate manner; by either mincing, cutting or preparing bite-sized pieces of beef for their young children.

The Content Strategy

Fifth Story created video assets and blogs to be distributed through mom influencers on digital and social media. The video assets included a motion graphics video communicating the health benefits of feeding beef to babies. The hashtag, #ThinkBeef is part of the campaign and supports messaging across English and French Canada. The influencer program features TV & Radio personality, Taylor Kaye, and mommy vloggers and bloggers sharing how to prepare beef meals to the entire family. Recipes shown in videos include links to along with nutritional recommendations for feeding beef to babies within the social media posts.


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