The Terry Fox Foundation

Anything's Possible

Every year, thousands of schools and millions of students in Canada take part in the Terry Fox School Run. But today’s students weren’t even born when Terry’s Marathon of Hope took place in 1980 and may be unfamiliar with his story.

That’s why The Terry Fox Foundation enlisted Fifth Story to create a new documentary to help teach and motivate kids who may have never heard of Terry Fox. Titled Anything’s Possible, the film can reach kids in remote communities across the country, so they too can participate and raise money at the grassroots level.

“Our goal was to tell Terry Fox’s inspiring story in a fresh way that resonates with Canadian students,” explains Stephen Stanley, creative director at Fifth Story. “After viewing hours of documentaries and archival footage, we decided to focus on Terry’s extraordinary character traits and highlight the fact that Terry ran the equivalent of a marathon every day for 143 days on a prosthetic leg that was never designed for running — an incredible feat.”

The documentary also emphasizes the power and impact of cancer research in the last 30 years, which has raised childhood cancer survival rates to about 80% and saved lives in the process.

To get these messages across in a fun and compelling way, producer/director Quinn Merkley and editor Abid Jabbar used an innovative mix of animation, archival footage and new interviews with researchers and young cancer survivors. The result brings Terry Fox’s example of courage, strength and hope to kids participating in fundraising runs.

“The Terry Fox Foundation is thrilled to be working with Fifth Story in bringing Terry’s story to life in a new and engaging way that will be shared with more than three million students in Canada,” says Britt Andersen, executive director of the Terry Fox Foundation. “Fifth Story has brought a unique eye and affinity for the man and cause to create a timeless piece that will continue to inspire for many generations to come.”

“Anything’s Possible”