We previously touched on the pros and cons of live video here, but what are the pros and cons of recorded video? Recorded video can amplify and boost your reach and create a quick and lasting impression.


Recorded video gives the creator the ability to edit, improve sound and image quality, add supers, etc. This format of a video also helps ensure your key message is clear and easily understood. Because of the longevity recorded video has on a website or social channel, anyone can access the video at any time. Viewers can share videos on multiple platforms and directly tag accounts or people, which will improve the open and click-thru rates. A tagged video has the ability to track and collect analytics spanning over a long period of time.

Recorded video also has the benefit of being controllable. For example, if you are shooting a video outside and a big gust of wind blows, you can stop and do another take. What if you are working with talent that forgot or flubbed a line? No problem, just do another take. You can do as many as you need to since the final video will consist of all the best moments and information edited together.


  • A budget can be allocated to support this content marketing initiative like live video, but because of the process of recording and editing more budget and time may have to be allocated.
  • Recorded videos can be geo-targeted to reach viewers in specific locations.
  • Demographic and behavioural targeting can also be layered on the media buy to help with strategic delivery of your video.
  • Additional data points can be captured if established before the video begins appearing.
  • You can optimize the delivery of your message based on how the video delivery is going.
  • KPI reporting can be done at any time while the video airing is in progress or once it has finished.

Whether you opt for live or recorded, videos have taken over the internet. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and which one you choose really depends on what your end goal is and how you plan to measure it.

Regardless of the video style, think about…

  • When and where is your audience online?
  • What information is most important to them?
  • Will they want to watch your content many times or is once enough?
  • Does your video have the propensity to go viral?
  • How will you know if your video accomplished what you needed it to do?

Not sure how to incorporate video in your campaign? We can help with that. Check out our sizzle reel to watch some of the videos we have created for our clients.