It’s time to start planning your Spring 2021 content. While it still feels cold and wintery, warmer weather is around the corner and everyone is looking forward to it. Plus, our News Canada issues are released one month early, so our submission deadlines are approaching.

Need help with content ideas? Our editorial team drew on fresh insights from the past year to share recommendations on topics to focus on for maximum success.

Home improvement

Always a popular category, interest in home and garden topics has never been hotter as we continue to nest in our homes during the pandemic. Anything in this space should do well with the media. Think fresh paint colours, 2021 décor trends, renovation tips, gardening tricks and exterior upgrades.

All things spring

We all want to celebrate the season, especially as it means more opportunities to see a friend or family member from another household safely outdoors. So spring and warm-weather content is a great idea – everything from recipes to cleaning to crafts for the kids to do.

Seasonal holidays

There are few dates on the calendar that are worth highlighting this time of year. Easter and Earth Day are top picks for April, while Mother’s Day and the Victoria Day long weekend are important in May. Anything more niche might not do as well, so it’s best to stick to the most popular holidays. If you have a 1000-word insertion, we recommend one holiday article and two more generic pieces.

Pandemic busters

At this point, everyone knows to wash their hands frequently, wear a mask and stay six feet apart. But fresh takes on things related to the pandemic will hold the media and public’s interest. For example, in January we had success with articles about the importance of making new year’s resolutions during a pandemic. Right now, ways to spend time outdoors or have an Easter-egg hunt safely could work.

Cottage advice

While not everyone has a cottage, we’ve found media pickup for cottage-themed articles to be strong, especially in the coveted Ontario demographic. Renovation inspiration, decorating tips and how to navigate another season during a pandemic are great angles.

Remember, top trends and topic recommendations can vary from week to week, so please feel free to reach out to us for custom ideas for your brand, product or service. Our editorial team would be happy to find the right angle and topic to maximize success for your campaign. Contact us at