Recently, Postmedia Network Canada and Torstar announced they are closing mostly Ontario (community) newspapers. We at Fifth Story want to address how this may impact potential coverage when you are using News Canada’s articles service. We understand the importance of reaching these communities for your campaigns and there are ongoing opportunities to do so, as within the 36 closures there remain papers to service each of these areas. The appetite for local community news remains strong throughout Canada.

Here is what we have learned:

  • From January to September 2017 issues, out of the 24,098 clips found 1,070 were from the closing publications and their websites – this represents only 4% of total clips found.
  • We also reviewed how many clips were found in the publications that were left in the remaining markets where the closures occurred.  During the same time period (January to September 2017 issues), these remaining publications generated 981 clips, but account for much higher impressions – 86,214,787 impressions, versus the closing editions which had 51,771,729 impressions.
  • For the average client, we expect the impact of these closures to be minimal. When we compared January to September campaign results, 60% of the clients would have experienced no impact at all, the other 40% would have seen a decrease of 5% in their impressions.

As always, top quality content will achieve great results and media coverage. In order to ensure the best pickup, results, and coverage for your campaigns, articles must be useful, relevant and valuable to the average reader/consumer. Our in-house editorial team is always happy to discuss best practices, advise on topics and content, and strategize with you to provide customized recommendations for each of your campaigns.

News Canada will not decrease our minimum guarantees and we are confident that we are able to maintain the campaign results that everyone expects.