The use of video marketing has seen significant growth over the past few years, and all trends indicate it will continue to grow. Video outperforms text digitally on numerous fronts – including engagement, memorability, and shareability. However, not all branded video content is successful, and reaching your goals starts with planning your project.

A constant area of uncertainty is the budget to produce and carry out effecting video marketing. Luckily, there are measures you can take to keep costs in line. Managing the budget starts with analyzing areas where costs can be reduced, such as location, talent, pre- and post-production. You should also consider optimizing a shoot by planning multiple uses for the video footage. The same footage can be used to create a YouTube video for promotion on social media, a video for use by the sales team, and another one for distribution to the media.

The length and style of the video are crucial to ensure that it resonates with the audience. The ability to ensure a high viewing completion rate is key to your success. The digital audience has an ever-shortening attention span, and many advocate a video of one minute or less. However, the length can vary depending on the creative and how the video emotionally connects with the audience. Understanding your audience and developing a creative idea that will connect and engage should affect your length consideration.

All marketers are hoping to produce a viral video that will get them mass exposure. However, most of the successful branded videos have a paid marketing/distribution plan behind them. Knowing the channels you are going to use the video in (website, blog, social media pages, media sites, retail outlets, etc.), and making sure your target audience gets the opportunity to see the video is crucial to the success. After producing a branded video, many marketers fail to leverage the content and maximize the potential exposure. In the end, the video does not go viral, and the team involved with the project is left wondering why it did not achieve the desired results.

Finally, numerous elements should be reviewed to measure the success of a branded video. Quantitative views of the video and how much of your target audience saw the video is extremely important, but the completion rate of video views and the shareability are also keys to success.  Once you have the metrics, measuring the effectiveness of the overall cost of the video production and marketing are necessary to see the true success.

There you have it, a few deliberate steps and your video marketing efforts could bring on the next viral video sensation… or at the very least, engage your target audience, amplify your message, and achieve your goals.